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  1. Not Clear to me, for “ki” , which hand to use and which head of the drum to strike. Also, can’t picture the thumb striking either head first.

  2. Haribol, Caru Prabhu,
    “Ki” is made by spreading the fingers apart, and bringing the hand down on the *big head* of the drum.
    “Ki” is played with left hand (unless you are left handed).
    As a general rule, your strong hand goes on the small head.
    (I included these in *lesson 1* now, thank you).
    Regarding thumb striking first, that is, the side of the thumb is the first contacting the drum head.

  3. Haribol, nice Prabhuji!

    Good and simple mantra’s that can be used in the daily program. I deeply appreciate your efforts 🙂 I will direct my mridanga students also to your site 😀

    Here is another site which might be useful for a link section. Its of Bhairavesh Prabhu (superb mridanga player and kirtaneer)

    All glories to Lord Balarama! Jaya Balai!

  4. by the way, I already replied to your youtube video some time ago as Nitaitje 😉 I didn’t know you had a site 😀

    If you like, I would love to exchange some mantras for playing Damodarastaka 😀

  5. Haribol Vinodji,
    This site is only 3 days old and has 900 hits already 🙂
    Great to be able to render some humble service to Vaishnavas.
    Yes, I will send you some Damodarastaka mantras by my (expert already) son Arjuna in mp3, please do likewise.

  6. here you are… Arjuna´s 2 small recordings made a few days ago
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]
    the Damodarastaka one doing soon, he is keen 😉

  7. Hare Krsna !!

    Can you teach more advance beats? The ones in the lessons are too simple for me.Thanks.

    ys,Hayasya dasa

  8. Hare Krishna, Hayasya Prabhuji,

    The purpose of this site is reaching the many devotees that had some little contact with mrdanga, even tried some method but do the complications of the matter, never could learn in a comprehensive and practical way.

    Maybe we should think about putting an “expert” section in the site for people like your good self, for sharing tehais and so on.

    What do you think?

  9. dandavats, Vinod Prabhu,
    here is a little video with damodarastaka beat promised

  10. […] Feedback […]

  11. My name is Nimai Sundar Das. I am 15 years old.

    I just looked at your site and it proves to be promising, I have always wanted to learn how to play the Mrdanga and I have just practiced by listening to Bhajans and Kirtans… but i haven’t had much progress. I will start practicing tomorrow and i will keep you informed on my progress.
    I will tell all my friends about this site.
    I would like to thank you for all your time you have put into this site and I hope Krsna blesses your family.

    Hare Krsna

  12. Thank you Nimai for your nice words of encouragement and, yes, please, stay in touch, we are here to serve you!!!

    Hare Krishna!

  13. Hare Krishna Jagannath Mishra Prabhu, Arjuna and Nitai, from your friend here at New Govardhana Aust. I still use the beats that you taught me a couple of years ago. I suggest anyone wishing to learn mrdanga to take seriously Prabhu’s lessons here. Learning and applying this system provides tangible results. I have just finished my album here at New Govardhana, Prabhu please listen to song samples at my site

  14. Haribol Nandaraj Prabhu!!! We are hearing your music just now, while seeing the photos of your children at your site, your initiation ceremony and wife, congratulations, you all look fabulous. Thank you for your kind words of support for this humble service. Arjuna tells you to see us doing bhajana (you can find the link at the main page).
    Beg to remain your servants forever.

  15. check this nice video for mrdangas expertise, thank you janardana and co.!

  16. haribol prabhu

    I like very much your website and Im anxious to see more mrdanga mantras on it. Id like to know the reference of the mrdanga pranam.
    Radhe Radhe
    David (from brazil)

  17. hi David,
    Have you learned all the mantras in the site already?
    Once you do know them it is very very easy to learn the rest of the hundreds of millions of mantras left 🙂
    Do you have a temple near so you can learn more first hand from experiencied mrdanga players?

  18. Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    I recently started learning the mrdanga and I find your lessons very useful, but I have some difficulties synchronising the mrdanga mantra to the melodhy and the karatalas. I would appreciate if you can explain when the mantras start in raport to the karatalas, or on what beats.


  19. Sure, I will be posting a video by the weekend for each lesson with karatalas along so that you can watch the synchro

  20. Haribol Prabhu

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Your lessons are very nice. Could you also advise me as to how one would combine the mantras in order to play for our Hare Krishna kirtan, including the breaks

    Also, just out of curiosity, did you learn all of this from a bonafide guru

    Thank you for the wonderful service

    Hare Krishna

  21. please see the info about this already in lesson 8, but this weekend i will do some video demonstration and post it in there.

  22. Truely wonderful site. Very nicely and simply presented.
    I hope these mantra s will appeal to my children also. You make it very simple.
    Hare Krishna

  23. Hari bol, Prabhu! Thanks so much for this site!
    By Krishna’s causeless mercy we have a mrdanga now, which we’d prayed for after discovering your site which made it look possible for us to learn a little of so complex an art. The other guides to learning mrdanga had always seemed too intimidating, yet as a percussionist our yearning for this kirtan service had persisted for years. So now we begin our lessons, and practice, practice, practice! how blissful!
    Glories to your service and Thank you.

    Jai Jagannath! Glories to Srila Prabhupada! Hare Krishna!

  24. Just for this comment I would make ten times the effort I put in making and maintaining this site, thank you very much and a warm “Hare Krishna” to you Carol.
    Hopefully today we´ll make and upload a few small videos to make your practice easier and more visual.

  25. Tips and Tricks: you can download the sound files to your mp3, computer, ipod and practice anytime, anywhere by clicking the image below the sound practice box “right click and “save target as”

  26. Haribol Prabhu,

    I was wondering if you could give me some information on where I could purchase a Mrdanga from please, preferably somewhere in the U.K.

    Hare Krishna

  27. Hare Krishna
    Please can you tell me. If there are more than Mrdanga’s playing in a Kirtan. Do they have to play the same mantra or can different mantra’s be played simultaneously?
    Kind regards

  28. Correction for last comment. I meant more than one Mrdanga playing.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada
    Hare Krishna

  29. Haribol, Jereme

    Generally 2 or 3 mrdangas play at the same time with same rythms, but if the players are experienced there is no harm to the ear if they play a bit different say the final beats.

  30. This post is for “Jai” and all interested in buying a mrdanga.
    This few sites we found to carry mrdangas for sale:

  31. Hare Krishna,

    Can you please post the mrdanga mantra used for playing Damodarastaka?


  32. Damodarastaka mantra:

  33. Thanks for the video with the Damodarastaka, but I find it very difficult to learn it from there. Maybe you could post the written version of the mantra when you have the time.

    Hare Krishna

  34. Dear Bogdan,
    I understand you have perfected the eight lessons presented here at
    I recommend you to learn the more intrincate skills from a dedicated mrdanga teacher in India or wherever can be found as this site is maintained with the clear purpose of teaching the basics of mrdanga and from then on there is practically unlimited scope of learning and literally the sky is the limit.
    Thank you for using this your site and forgive us for our limitations.

  35. thanks for linking us here:

  36. Dear Jagannatha Prabhu,
    Please accept my respects. It is nice web site and nice teaching. I would like to know where did you get the mrdanga pranam mantra. Please contact me on *email concealed*. Thank you.
    Murli Krsna Das

  37. I copied from here:

    Vedic source, I do not know. We can ask at , new site for questions and answers.

  38. Hare krsna,

    i am looking for mrdanga mantras that we use in everyday kirtans.

    plz post any that u may know of…will really appreciate them…
    send them to my blog!!!

  39. If you go through the lessons you will find them, beginning from slow beat to fast. Use them in the temple functions as needed and post any question here. Hari bol!

  40. Hare Krishna!

    Do you know anything about mrdanga repair? My mrdanga has tiny little cracks all over the big end of the drum and now it doesn’t have a very nice sound. Is there some sort of oil or clay I can apply to it?

  41. To repair the dayan, I heard that you make a paste with rice, but I do not know the exact recipe for that. Fiberglass is how I did repair one clay mrdanga with a big hole in the body. They sale at drugstores fiberglass sheets and a liquid you apply to the sheets and that hardens in a few hours. But for the dayan, I do not know. You might ask your question at and someone might know there.

  42. Haribol,
    Can you please write the mantra used to play mangalarati and guruvandana. I saw one video on youtube but couldn’t decode the mantra.

  43. dear sivakumarji. that mantra is in lesson 7:

  44. Dear Jaganat Prabhu,

    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    I am a Hong Kong devotee. Thanks for your wonderful service, I have learnt alot from your website. Can I ask you for a written mantra for Damodarastaka? Hare Krishna.

  45. You can buy mrdangas in the UK from the Bhaktivedanta Manor website and go to the shop link.

    Hare Krsna

  46. Hare Krsna, Jaganat Prabhu,

    Thank you for this wonderful service. I just wanted to alert you that the the video that accompanies Lesson Two has been repeated from Lesson One. I was then motivated to click the sound file link and discovered that offers the pleasure of being able to play along to a sung bhajan.

    It is easy enough to practice Lesson Three with the written mantra and the instructions from Lesson One, but a correction would help others avoid the initial confusion I experienced.

  47. Dear Bhaktin Elle:
    Thank you for your feedback-
    Lesson 1 is to teach the fundamental strokes that then are used in Lesson 2. They are not a repetition as far as we see.
    In fact it is ESSENTIAL you learn FIRST the mantra in lesson 2.
    I have seen that those who skip the first mantra (lesson 2) then have a hard time to grasp the rest.
    On the other hand you are right on the downloadable audio lack of explanation of its purpose, we are adding a note besides the link.

  48. Excuse me Jaganat Prabhu,

    I apologize for any confusion. What I meant to say was that the video from Lesson Three repeats the video from Lesson Two. Thus the Lesson Three mantra (ki – ta – ge – dha – dha) is accompanied by the video for Lesson One (ta – ki – ta – ge – dha). However, the audio file links for Lessons One and Two are both correct. I have only progressed as far as Lesson Four and the video and audio files posted for that lesson are both correct also.

    I do believe the audio links explanation is necessary, as I was ignoring them in the expectation that they replicated the soundtracks of the videos.

    Yours in service,

    Bhaktin Elle

  49. Hare Krishna, Elle!
    You were right, the video was repeated, mantra 1 was in lesson 3 as well!
    I can´t believe this, 1 year and a half online and nobody noticed.
    Now it’s fixed. Thank you very much for your feedback.

  50. Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Please can you help me?

    I want to start to learn how to use the mrdanga,but first I must buy one.I have contacted all Iskcon shops in Australia and even have stopped taking orders.I have emailed someone recomended in Vrndavana with no luck,is there no where to get these drums in Australia?

    Perhaps you may know of someone privately?

    I would really appreciate any ideas or contacts.
    Thank you

  51. Dear Steve, I do not know beyond the scope you investigated so far.
    May I suggest you ask a question at this forum:
    The community there proved useful other times in similar quests.

  52. someone is selling mrdangas here:

  53. Some links to the downloadable mp3´s were not working, now they ALL do work. Sorry for the glitch. Hare Krishna.

  54. Hare Krishna!
    I learned so much from your site. I am still learning many of the songs sung in iskcon temples. It would be great if you and your son did some recordings of these songs, so students can play mrdanga and practice singing along.
    Thank you!

  55. Dear Colin, Thank you for your kind words.
    We are looking forward to do what you suggest, see if we can do it before new year! Stay tuned. Hare Krishna!
    A good idea is to RSS this site, just click on the orange icon up on the right hand side or this link and paste it in your RSS reader.

  56. for Bogdan, Bhakta Dick and others that asked, here is the mantra for the Damodarastaka video:

    dha ki ta ki dha ge ta ge

  57. Would it be possible to make a video for lessons 5 and 6? I find them to be very helpful.

  58. Daniel: I have noted down your request and will contact you when done. Hare Krishna!

  59. hare krishna,

    Thanks so much for offering lessons to us, I am finding the lessons so helpful.

    I have one problem, that is I am unable to down load the audio lessons ie lesson 4,5,6 etc.

    Is there some problem with this?

  60. hare krishna prabhuji and dandavat pranam all glories to srila prabhupada all glories all glories to shri guru and shri gauranga

  61. Prabhu, thanks a lot for this. I’ve been trying to learn mrdanga, but with three little children is almost impossible. I find your website quite useful. The step by step :). I’m in my second lesson, let’s see how it goes. Can I ask you questions in Spanish. I’m from Puerto Rico.

    Radhe Radhe!

  62. Madre Vishnupriya: Soy español de nacimiento, asi que no hay problema. Gracias por tus ánimos.

  63. Hare Krsna prabhu!

    Bueno, aqui le voy dejando saber que voy por la leccion 5. Se me hace dificil encontrar una tonada para cantar Hare Krishna. Seria posible en un futuro annadir videos con la mrdanga acompanada por alguien cantando? ( El vocalista mayor de la casa tiene solo tres annos 🙂 De paso, no se si es que hay algun problema con mi computadora, pero no puedo abrir el sonido de la leciion 5 y subsiguientes. Gracias por dedicarle tiempo a ensennarnos 🙂

    Radhe Radhe!

  64. Hare Krsna! All Glories to His Divine Grace Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada! Thank you for posting these lessons. I have been searching for lessons that could help me learn at home. Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

  65. Hare Krishna,

    I was just wondering about a mrdanga repair method.

    I have three clay mrdangas. Two of them have holes on the big end of the drum. I heard that you might be able to use a patch of the leather from one of the drums with a hole in it to patch up the other that has the hole? Is this possible, and how would i go about doing it? what kind of glue, or a glue type solution would i need to use?? please let me know what you think.

    thanks, Gaura

    • Hare Krishna,

      I was just wondering about a mrdanga repair method.

      I have three clay mrdangas. Two of them have holes on the big end of the drum. I heard that you might be able to use a patch of the leather from one of the drums with a hole in it to patch up the other that has the hole? Is this possible, and how would i go about doing it? what kind of glue, or a glue type solution would i need to use?? please let me know what you think.

      thanks, Gaura !

    • I did repair holes in the clay portion, I never did or have any experience repairing ends. I am posting your question at , probably some devotee will know and I will post back here.

  66. you can follow the thread on repairing mrdangas here:

  67. Hare Krishna

    thank you so much for your response. I am looking over that link right now.


  68. Hare Krishna. PAMHO. Thaks for yur efforts in mridanga teaching site. I saw there the mridanga pranam mantra. I can share with you corrected version of this mantra. Once our ISKCON sanscrit scolar and Prabhupada book`s editor Gopiparana dhana prabhu visited our temple in Latvia, Riga. I showed this mantra to him. And he told that this mantra has few grammatical mistaces, some mistakes in endings. Before I hade it like you have. So he corrected everything and then mantra looked the following. Now it sounds even correct from metrical and poetical point of view (he pronounced it for me and now I remember it`s accents in pronunciation). May be you can use it`s corrected version in your web site?

    Namo jagannatha sutaya
    Namo mrdanga lavanaya
    Rasa madhuri sahasra guna samyuktaya
    Namo mrdangaya namo namaha (“h” – here is with dot under, “a” – is short)
    Namo baladevaya namo namaha

    Your humble servant Indranuja das

  69. I have posted your suggestion here to double check with other devotees

  70. Jay Radhe!!! prabhu:
    my name is Syamal Krsna Das, and really i’m looking for a site where i can fix my mridanga, really i don’t know how to do it, cause is made of bronze, and i don’t know how to change the big patch, someone told me i have to wet the cords, to change the patch. can you help me please?

  71. thank you ❤

  72. In our bengali community, we sing kirtan and I and few others play mrdanga. However w use mostly the tabla tala. I have accidently found this site and with joy I have picked up all the lessons that Abhijit Ji teaching. I am ever thankful to him. My father used to play. But I did not have the opportunity to learn from him. Would you very kindly write the bols in your reply for the first kirtan where you sang and Arjuna Dasa played mrdanga. He played it so beautifully. May God bless you and him more aboundantly

    Francis Roy, Ph.D
    Loma Linda University
    California, 92354

  73. Thank you for posting this. We will be using it as a tool in our homeschool music education program!


  74. s

  75. Dandavats Jagannatha Prabhu,

    I have been learning my first mrdanga classes from your page, i have already managed to learn 2 mantras. But i was wondering if i could ask you to re-upload the mp3 since it doesnt seems to exist anymore (of course, if it is not too much trouble). Thank you prabhu for your classes,


  76. dear one,
    thanks for this useful lessons !
    unfortunately, I cannot download the mp3, to help me with my practice…
    can you do something ?
    thank you

  77. unfortunately, the web that was hosting the audios has disappeared like a ghost, without notice.
    And worse, I had not copies of the mp3s!
    So, in order to upload them again and continue with this site, I rely in the users that downloaded them to send the mp3s to me.
    They were named 1mantra.mp3, 2mantra.mp3 etc
    Waiting for your emails here

  78. Hey!

    I am now trying to write a mrdanga player program for my mobile phone. I would need the basic sounds so that if the mobile phone user touches the sides of the mrdanga, they can hear the basic sounds.

    There are many applications like that for mobile phones out there with pianos, but it would be awesome to have one for mrdanga as well!

    I was wondering if you could cut the basic sounds out of records for the first Lesson over here:

    If you cannot, I will find a person who understand these digital music issues. 🙂

    Thank you for all your work!


    • I got the sounds today out of your videos. I hope you do not mind if I reuse those 3 sounds. Unfortunately, I do not have a mrdanga right now with myself to record it on my own.

      Thank you for your great videos again!

  79. Hi again, 🙂

    I was just wondering if you could another sound to this set when you slap the smaller head with more than one finger. That is also frequently used sound, e.g. for the Prabhupada tala beat.

    Thank you in advance. 🙂


  81. hare krishna prabhu,

    i need to teach my 2 sons 11 and 8 mrdanga. just wanted to know if you can teach on skype that would be great. please let me know.


  82. Hare Krishna 😄 Thank you so much Prabhu. I found this article very insightful and helpful. I can’t wait to continue learning and practicing! This site is amazing and please keep posting and teaching us how to play!


  83. Within this topic have already been solved many times.
    Be careful and do not flood
    right here is the website

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